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Details / Specs

Uses: 25+ uses with care

Material: Mink 

Shape: Flare

Band: Flexible clear invisible band 

How to Apply 

Step 1: Gently remove the lashes from the case.

Step 2: Measure the strip against your eyelid and trim off the excess accordingly.

Step 3: Apply lash glue to the band of lashes. Add extra glue to the inner and outer corners of the lash to help prevent lifting. And wait for the glue to become tacky.

*Check out our Line & Lash adhesive eyeliner for a GLUE-FREE method to apply your false lashes.

Step 4: Wait 10 - 20 seconds for the glue to become tacky.

Step 5: Place the lashes above your lash line and press them into the lash line.

Step 6: Use an eyelash curler to fuse your natural lashes to your false lashes.

* Leave no lash behind with our Mini Eyelash Curler.


After you remove your lashes, store your lashes in the case they arrived in to keep them clean. 

If your lashes have any buildup from lash glue, carefully remove leftover glue on the band of the lash with tweezers. Please DO NOT get your lashes wet, it will ruin your lashes. 

Be gentle with your lashes. If properly cared for your Unwritten & Co lashes are reusable up to 30 times.  

PSA: Do not apply mascara directly on your lashes to maintain the longevity of the lashes. Instead, apply mascara on your natural lashes before applying your lashes.